3 Workouts You Can Do in the Pool

Working out in water is a great training method used by the best athletes. Not only does the water act as resistance, which equals a better workout, but it also offers a low-impact option. At our apartments in West Houston, take advantage of in-pool workouts that are easy and fun. Our favorite in-pool workouts include:


For a different variation of jogging, try zig-zag running in the pool. To do this workout, run from one end of the pool to the other in a zig-zag pattern. Once you reach the other end, turn back and run in a straight line through the disrupted water. This is an excellent exercise because the water currents add an extra level of resistance and whole-body benefits.

Jumping Jacks

You don't have to travel the length of the pool for jumping jacks. Simply stand in place with your arms by your side, and then jump up slightly, moving your legs out to the side. As you're jumping, extend your arms to the side at water level, or for an extra push, reach your arms over your head. Do about ten repetitions for this workout to be most effective. 

Triceps Dips

Usually completed using a bench at the gym, this workout uses the pool edge instead. Stand at the edge of the pool with your hands flat on the pool deck. Press yourself up by straightening your arms, almost as if you are about to climb out of the pool. Hold this position with your arms straightened for at least a few seconds. After that, slowly bend your arms to return to standing. You can also try this on the deeper end of the pool with your feet suspended in water for added muscle toning.  

After building your endurance with these in-pool workouts, check out these tips to make laundry day easy. When you're ready to make Seville at Clay Crossing your next home, feel free to contact us. Our team would be happy to show you everything our community of new apartments in Katy, TX, has to offer.

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